You know what I want to do

You know what I want to do? I want to grab a paint brush and a canvas and just paint the nothingness, I want to go outside and take Polaroid pictures of buildings, and random people, and just hang them in the wall of my room or stick them in a journal that I would buy just for the purpose of it, I want to go out at night in a car, fast speed and just watch the lights go by, I want to spend the night in the top of some mountain ,or an island with that special someone and just gaze at the night sky and talk about how the sky is just a colossal graveyard of stars, I want to try and spot a constellation, name the stars, and discover new things about them. I want to travel all around the world, but I don’t want to go to some hotel and just Visit the famous places , I want to go deep in the city, interact with its people and just have an adventure.
I want to spend some nights in the middle of the woods, and let the mother nature takes care of me, want to make friendships with the littlest insects and talk to the the trees, understand the language of the leaves, and the wild flowers, the grass how it infinitely engulfes me when I lay facing the magical night sky which surprisingly is a mirror of my wildest imagination
I want to let go, of all the grudges, of all the thoughts invading me, of all the emotions filling me to the brim, of all my fears and my doubts, I want to clean myself of the dust of darkness.
I want to wake up in the middle of the jungle, the sun sending its golden strings caressing my skin softly like the mother I know. I want to wake up at the sound of leaves sussurating ( rustling) in the breeze.I want to write ” be kind ” on every fallen fall leaf, and let the sweet Breeze blow them away to unknown destination.