Where three-dimensional analyses are performed

Where three-dimensional analyses are performed, ground motions shall consist of pairs of appropriate horizontal ground motion acceleration components that shall be selected and scaled from individual recorded events. Appropriate ground motions shall be selected from events having magnitudes, fault distance, and source mechanisms that are consistent with those that control the maximum considered earthquake. Where the required number of recorded ground motion pairs is not available, appropriate simulated ground motion pairs are permitted to be used to make up the total number required. For each pair of horizontal ground motion components, a square root of the sum of the squares (SRSS) spectrum shall be constructed by taking the SRSS of the 5 percent-damped response spectra for the scaled components (where an identical scale factor is applied to both components of a pair). Each pair of motions shall be scaled such that in the period range from 0.2T to 1.5T, the average of the SRSS spectra from all horizontal comment pairs does not fall below the corresponding ordinate of the response spectrum used in the design, determined in accordance with Section11.4.5