When I return to Egypt

When I return to Egypt, my goal will be to utilize my new acquired knowledge of this program to establish a department for the study of Computer Art in the Institute of Coptic Studies to teach digital sculpting and painting to students who are willing to gain practical knowledge of the art of digital world.
I will take advantage of my gained skills in the program to boost my career. I will pass on my new acquired skills and knowledge to my co-workers in Koogi TV channel because I am fully aware of their passion of the field. My aim is to help the channel not only to produce 2D short animation movies and songs for kids but also to utilize the 3D sculpting of creating cartoon characters and environment in order to keep up with the developments and new techniques in creating 3D animated movies. My dream is to create characters and environments similar to those international characters that are created by Disney and Pixar. Hence, I would be able to develop and enhance the materials that appear on the screen of the channel.