When getting post in

When getting post in, admin will deal with it and sort through what goes to who. When sending post out, it gets franked with the appropriate price for the letter size and then sent off to the addresses it needs to go to.
Potential problems that could occur when dealing with both incoming and outgoing mail are as follows:
Deadlines/ appointments could be missed. This means that you need to ensure that post is dealt with promptly and efficiently by making sure it is being sent to the right person at the right address and prioritising the important letters first.
If post is damaged for whatever reason, it is usually checked before it is sent out and therefore means that whoever deals with the post will see the damage that is done to it and will hopefully fix it before being sent out to the receiver.
Banking of cheque delays can become a problem if they aren’t received/ sent out on time because missed payments can cause issues. In order to minimise the chances of this occurring, companies could request for it to be done electronically as it is usually a more secure and quicker way of receiving money.