We travel to help us grow and be more educated about the world

We travel to help us grow and be more educated about the world. By doing many different things like experiencing the culture, going to museums, and historical places it gives people a better understanding of the world. To remind people of how big the world is. How we are only a small, insignificant pea living on this earth. Will learn to overcome our misunderstandings about people and stereotypes in different cultures. That not everyone lives in the same lifestyle. Some people around the world live differently than others. Travel can also helps us get out of our little “bubble” that we are so use to. To step out of our comfort zone, away from what we are most comfortable with, our natural state. Being outside of our comfort zone lets us take challenges and risks because we’re exploring the unknown and it forces us to be able to adapt to a new environment in a short amount of time. This opens up more possibilities for achievement. People are able to overcome their fears and try new things when traveling. The fear of heights, having to be social, or traveling alone. Ultimately travel gets people to live life to the fullest and to use the time they have to discover new things instead of being so focused on technology. Learning about different cultures and taking challenges can help people focus more on living in the moment and having a thoughtful trip.