Water is a top-of-mind issue for everyone

Water is a top-of-mind issue for everyone. If Coca-Cola can’t help solve our water issues, they will be out of a product.” The company has invested heavily in research for purification and filtration systems so they can improve water standards in communities around the world. This strategy makes sense to preserve the longevity of their product, but it also creates a positive impact for other areas of the world. There is a business reason and there’s an environmental and social reason, and that’s the perfect mix.”
In my opinion, business is personal and the phrase “business is business” is usually used when something offensive is about to happen or already happened in the workplace. Working with customers, with suppliers, with co-workers is a personal experience, even the work style of each person whether he is a hard worker or not is also personal. If you got angry about a mistake done that will affect your work its personal, if you argued with your co-worker on how things should be done its personal. So this is not just business this is also personal.