Using ethical theory

Using ethical theory, explain why you feel the use of animal testing for cosmetics is ethical or not. Also using ethical theory, explain the reasoning for the opposing position and why it is incorrect.
I feel like the use of animal testing for cosmetic purposes is an unethical, unacceptable, and unnecessary way of exploiting animals for our own purposes. I believe that animals have feelings just as humans so I think animal testing must stop or banned. They should not be subjected to dying or feeling pain because of our insecurity. Currently, many animals die after being brutally tortured in laboratories because of cosmetic research. There must be empathetic feeling towards these animals, Just imagine the animal that cannot speak or say their mind and someone injecting in their eyes with something for the cosmetic reason. How would you feel? Would you give your self up instead of the animal? That is the unbearable pain even though they couldn’t speak for themselves. Animals don’t have the voice to speak like we humans do, Animals shouldn’t have to suffer to make us look good and there should be the new alternative to make us human feel good and beautiful than killing innocent animals. Because humans can reason, they should realize that nature is naturally valuable and must be nurtured and related to in a meaningful manner. Where animals are concerned, the importance of reasoning should be expanded to include feelings so that animals can be respected even though they cannot reason. According to (Thiroux 348). They have heart just like humans beings but these researchers have no sympathy what so ever for this animal, there are also certain principles put together by certain ethicists that clearly mentioned that the right of this animals are accepted and require human responsibilities toward banning animal testing for cosmetic purposes and our lifelong dreams is to protect and help save the animals because their life needs to be nurtured but not to torture