Today, there are many delicious food that easily available and affordable. In today’s variety of food, there is one of my favourite foods.
Different restaurant have a different character or style of cooking fried noodles. My favourite fried noodle is when the noodle is quite spicy but not have too much chilli. The noodle also less oily and thats make my fried noodle taste great.
The good cook is not only they can make customer feel appealing but they can cook as per customers wishes like they can read our mind. I love spicy food. It really make me feel appetizing plus the noodle is less oily because it is good to eat.
The price of the noodles can be slightly different from other restaurant. The price is around RM 5 to RM 6 and it still affordable to me. The price is not to expensive yet t is worth to pay with that price.
In the conclusion, the criteria of my favourite dish is not only depands on the taste but it also have to look about the ingridient inside it.