Three hours to board my plane with an unknown future

Three hours to board my plane with an unknown future, a new life, before disappearing. I wasn’t ready! – I said to myself, but I can’t believe it. I have waited for this all my life. I looked around and they are still there with me, like always. My Family, my dad, my brothers, my stepmother and my aunt. I was supposed to take this trip with my brother, not alone. But because some mishaps that didn’t happen. Nothing has happened yet! I mean, no one has cried, I think we all just pretending that it is not going to happen that I am leaving!. I looked around again and noticed she wasn’t there too, but she was absent for ten years… It was my mother, I realized that she was on the other side waiting for my arrival in my new life, my hope future.


I'm Mia

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