This image is showing a child exploring and discovering new things and places

This image is showing a child exploring and discovering new things and places. The boat represents transport, exploration and the foreign structures such as The Pyramids of Giza and the Eiffel Tower, symbolises the new places/things to be explored when growing up. This image is set in the dreams of the child having a lively but calm atmosphere. This is depicted by the child wearing pyjamas; a teddy bear to his left; the clouds and the starry night sky which are all associated with sleep and dreams.

My eyes are drawn first to the child and the boat with the balloon, this was achieved by placing the objects in foreground, placing them closer to the reader to engage them. The hot air balloons in the background are also a form of transport symbolising other children exploring and discovering new things. The tone of this image very high and the saturation of the colours are very intense which latches the reader giving more attention to the book. This image uses both cool and warm colours equally which balances the emotions emulated by the colours, lots of energy but with stability and calmness.

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The angle of the reader to the focal character is over the shoulder which places the reader in their setting and perspective. The distance between the reader and the character is intimate this also shows the reader the characters perspective. The font is very perfect, smooth and small which helps the readers, directed at young children, read the text easier and smoothly; This page has one simple sentence which fits the purpose of the book, for kids.


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