Thesis: Since the society changes the form of families changes as well.

One of the transitions from traditional to modern families is a change in fertility. The fertility levels and family size have a lot of difference in the past compared to today. There are some aspects that affects of fertility. The fertility and family sizes have been changed because of culture and traditions. Nowadays’ life is different from the life 10 years ago. Everything has changed, even the way how we live. People like to have less but the best of all options that are available . This affects on the case of families also, because all parents want to provide their children the best options of living such as good education. However, having a large family is an obstacle to get your dreamed life. The reason why people prefer smaller families is that this is the only way to take advantage of the good things in today’s life. Another reason of decreasing of fertility are the changes in society marriages . Nowadays gay marriages are legal in most of the countries. But families like that can’t have kids without someone’s help and this fact affects on fertility rate also.