There are many positive things that happened during the civil war

There are many positive things that happened during the civil war, such as, supremacy of national government, and abolishment of slavery, but there were also some negative things that happened, like, nobody knew what to do with the freed slaves and people were killed, wounded and infrastructure was destroyed. Congress took control of reconstruction to protect citizens rights in 1867 and in 1877 the reconstruction ended, all work that was done had failed and everything got reversed. Congress’ Reconstruction efforts to ensure equal rights to the freedmen failed because freedmen were persuaded to stop all their actions, advertising was used as editorial advocating against freedmen, and the Ku Klux Klan had intervened in wrong ways.
Dr.W.E.B. DuBois, is an author who wrote a book regarding this topic. Document 6 comes from an excerpt out of that book. When I say that the freedmen were persuaded to stop their actions, I mean that the northerners convinced freedmen to stop voting. They made freedmen give up their political power if they wanted to work but weren’t allowed to work if they wanted political power. Either way the freedmen lost.
In document 4 Atlanta News used editorial advocating as a form of persuasion. Editorial advocating is when the editorial representative of a newspaper or social media comes to an event in favor of an idea, or a cause, and uses their position on it to get that cause further. In document 4 the speaker expresses his viewpoints on the African Americans from the south. He thinks the northerners will go to the south and organize a way to eliminate the American Africans of their rights.