The theory and model are not simple in terms

The theory and model are not simple in terms.
The activity of understanding client’s beliefs and practices is time-consuming.
The number of qualified graduate nurses is limited for cultural care nursing.
The theory does not give any attention to the disease, symptoms, treatments etc.
There can be a problem in adapting the culture of the other which can be the cause of cultural shock on the part of nurse.
It can also be the primary cause of error in making clinical decisions like misperception of the outcomes and misperception of the values that clients place in outcomes. Health care professionals must consider uniqueness of an individual to collect data.

Leninger has given a lot to the culture concept and she failed to comprehensively discuss the functions or roles of nurses. It was not stated on how to assist and enable the client to lead an improved lifeway.

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The limited applicability of a static culture framework and lack of attention to the structural context in which health care issues arise. These issues must be addressed.


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