The sizzling summer beam is gone

The sizzling summer beam is gone; yet the chilly winter isn’t here. What is left is what is left here. The leaves on the trees seem, by all accounts, to be changing over into blasting shades of red and extraordinary tones of orange. Every one of the greens appear as though they are being renewed into yellowish tones. The looks of the changing periods of the leaves and the view in general emits the sentiment of what can be portrayed, “strolling into flame without the hea. As she rapidly approaches the sunsets become prettier and prettier .The wildlife gets their last little bit of energy out before hibernation approaches Soon enough she will begin to change the leaves into numerous of colors. As she watches the leaves being swooped away by the wind and the sound of the hollowing wind brushes past her ears she stops in the middle of the road to take in and embrace the smell of autumn. And as she takes a picture of the leaves below her feet she realizes it’s the beginning of a new life a new season.