The need for criminal justice professionals in today’s society and as individuals is at one of it’s highest peaks

The need for criminal justice professionals in today’s society and as individuals is at one of it’s highest peaks. Without the brave hearted individuals that serve and protect our community, our society nor the individuals in it would flow properly. Professionals in the justice system are a number one key factor to keep society on the right track. Society has a need for professionals in the justice system in order to keep it growing and maintaining peace within a community .
Today’s criminal justice professionals are critical to society in order to enforce everyday laws that have been set to keep things running the way it should. One of the biggest individual needs is he need for safety. Police officers are essential to society because they are the ones who enforce the law. Generally speaking, the main job of a police officer is to serve and protect, in which they are the first responders to be called to most scenes. They also take the crime off the street which in the long run benefits society greatly by keeping our kids safe. Tickets and arrests are made to those who break the laws set in the community.
The need for security within a community is highly important in gaining trust and confidence from the individuals that live in that community. People around us rely on policemen to keep watch and patrol the streets, especially during the night when we are all at home sleeping. We want our children and families to be safe without having to purchase a security system that costs an arm and a leg. It is the responsibility of our criminal justice professionals to be sure this is all taken care of. No matter what community someone may be in, they all want to be sure we are kept safe and we can go to bed at night knowing someone is there watching over us.
No matter what there will always be racism and prejudice people out there. This is where policemen can help make a change and support an individual need of confidence and self respect for one another. We see many videos posted almost everyday about racism and other societal controversy on all sorts of social media pages. As we know, many of these videos are usually recorded in wrong timing or are taken one way when it was meant to be interpreted in a completely different way. Policemen can help this need by making sure they treat everyone equally no matter what the circumstance or situation may be. Making efforts to stand out in the community and be more involved with each ethnic group will definitely raise some eyebrows and aid in helping people realize that our policemen are there for each and every one of our people.
Society has a great impact in the way things are interpreted now a days. This is why it is important to educate our society in as much as we can. Education is an important aspect of many things. There is always a need for it and there is always more to learn and expand our knowledge in. As a police officer, we can take the opportunity to gather our community together and educate them about statistics and growing numbers of crime and how they can help decrease those numbers by hundreds. We can educate children on how important their education is and how many who chose not to finish school take a turn for the worst. According to Education Week, when young people do not finish high school, their options are simple like staying and working in whatever industry or business is locally available. The more a community works together, the more it will thrive. Keeping crime off of the streets in society will have such a enormous impact on how a community comes together on a daily basis.
Being a policemen is more than just patrolling the streets and keeping our people safe, it is also about establishing relationships with people in a kind and courteous manner. Letting people know you truly care by establishing relationships shows our society a lot of good intentions of a police officer. Relationships are build on trust, loyalty, and integrity. Our community can not have trust that our policemen will protect them if they do not apply themselves and show the people that they are worth trusting. Thus putting establishing relationships as a societal need.
Lastly, our society is in need of change. Change is always happening on a daily. It is sometimes seen as a bad thing but change is sometimes good as well. It can do a community good if it is for the better. The way we relate to one another and communicate is one of the most important things to learn how to do. Bringing change into a community may spark a fire or take away the flames that have been fueled for years. For instance, as discussed by Penn State, change leads to increased awareness and more understanding making change inevitable in society.
In conclusions, our societal and individual needs will always need to be met, and our standards will be raised over time. There is no complete way to meet these needs perfectly every time, but there are ways to make sure we’re doing our best as criminal justice professions to keep our people safe and sound asleep at night. Things are constantly changing, and crime is happening regularly. These few needs are only a few discussed out of the many needs not