The meiotic phase is also known as spermatocytegenesis

The meiotic phase is also known as spermatocytegenesis. Within this stage, an alternate cell division happens (Sherwood., 2012). Such division is the meiosis, which splits the genetic information to the half, creating haploid cells called spermatids. Meiosis can be split into two sub stages (Sherwood., 2012). Meiosis I, is where primary spermatocytes split into two secondary spermatocytes (Sherwood., 2012). Meiosis II is where every secondary spermatocyte splits into two spermatids, creating four spermatids (haploid) are gotten from the first primary spermatocytes (diploid) (Sherwood., 2012). These cells are progressively starting to take after spermatozoa, they even have a little flagellum (Sherwood., 2012).