The internet provides extensive opportunities for individuals to learn

The internet provides extensive opportunities for individuals to learn, socialise, and play, yet there are also content and contact risks which they need to be protected from and learn to protect themselves from online. Whilst having a mobile phone is widely seen as protective tools which benefit individuals in case of emergencies; it can also mean they have access to content and contact risks.
Blocking an individual’s internet access denies them the chances to learn media literacy skills, which can develop their analytical, evaluative and critical capacities.
Having internet access allows an individual to be more independent. For example:
* They can get their own shopping rather than asking someone to do it for them.
* They have access to lots of useful information
* They can book classes at local college/sports centres
* Order takeaways
* Chat to friends
* Arrange meetings
* Book holidays
* Play games

The negatives have already been discussed but with the correct instruction and support the internet can be a safe place. The negatives could also include:
* Lack of exercise due to sitting for long periods on the internet
* Radiation emitted by computer’s screen is harmful to eyes
* Sitting for a long time is also harmful to the spine.
* The Internet can by addictive