The idea that speaking out for injustice is difficult

The idea that speaking out for injustice is difficult, but it is our individual responsibility to do so, otherwise the well being of others will be compromised, is an important one. Craig Silvey makes sure to hit as many readers as personally as possible so that they may too explore what this message means and what they could do about it, whether it be to sign a petition, stand up for someone, or protest for something that is important to not only them, but also many others. This novel revolves around this idea, which is what makes it so powerful, and the language techniques that Silvey uses only intensifies it. Remember: although this novel was set in 1960s Australia, this sort of discrimination and oppression is still continuing to happen in present day, in 2015 New Zealand. If we all remain silent, we will not be able to progress, and will instead keep risking the lives of innocent people.