The Health and Social Care Information Centre is well known in its trading name as NHS Digital

The Health and Social Care Information Centre is well known in its trading name as NHS Digital, which provides national information, data and IT systems for those people who are particularly involved with the National Health Service (England) like commissioners, analysts and clinicians in health and social care.
The main aim of this project is to provide digital services for NHS and social care which includes managing health informatics programmes. They deliver national systems via internal teams, and by giving contract to private suppliers. Their services include data management of the patient which allows only secure sharing of information between different divisions of the NHS and is base of all the Electronic Prescription Services, Summary Care Record and Electronic Referral Service.
2 . Identify its project goal(s). (1 mark)
The major goals of the project NHS Digital include:
• Handling health and care information in a better way.
• Assure protection of everyone’s data.
• Assisting different organisations to achieve the best from data, information and technology.
• Generation of services for national and local needs
• Develop shared architecture and equal standards for everyone
It evaluates more health and social care data, and publicize more information and visions. It makes the people more informed about choices of their own care. It provides information that helps professionals in making better decisions. It stands as a support for policymakers and health and care commissions. It also provides necessary data to the research organisations.

3. Was the project successful? Why? (or If it is still on-going, what do you predict the project outcome will be? Why?) (3 marks)

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The project NHS Digital is still on-going and as per the plan of NHS, it will be completed by the year 2020. The project outcomes also include :
i. Improvement of health and care by using data in a more efficient way.
The application known as Data Services Platform is used to vary the way by which we work with data for improving health and care. It helps us in better collation and even lead to many advancements in presenting appropriate data with a distinct picture of national delivery. One of the most important change is associated with patient care which allows the efficient usage of data for:
• prevention and cure.
• sustainable services for NHS.
ii. Swift Processing of Data
The new innovations in data processing will make sure that the entered data is accurate, useful, secure and processed faster.
iii. Greater data value
There are chances for incompletion of medical data in the records. In such cases an advanced patient matching algorithm can be used which will find the missing values by checking a database that holds information about every person registered with the NHS. Currently there are many other different methods to match and find the data of the patients with the records but this new technology will standardise and automate the way we do for delivering precise and usable data.

iv. Securing patient data
Another outcome of this project is that the data of the patients will be secure. When data is needed for various purposes like research and planning, patient’s privacy is protected by the de-identification process through ‘de-personalising’ the records. This will enable us to easily link de-identified data across different boundaries and care settings resulting in the creation of a richer and broader data set which can be used for research and planning without revealing a patient’s identity. Data linkage is an important thing in this process as it helps to increase the value of the data we collect across the NHS.
v. Improves data access
Collecting and processing data this way will ultimately provide the health and care system with access to high-quality, better-linked data via a secure web portal called the Data Access Environment. The collection and processing of the data through this way will ultimately give the health and care system access towards high-standard data through a more safe and secure web portal called the Data Access Environment. This web portal ensures that the correct person with right permissions will get the desired data.