The garden becomes a goal in the day

The garden becomes a goal in the day, sometimes even a responsibility.
It brings inner peace for the patient.
The quality of sleep is quickly improved.
The memory is activated, the senses are awake.
Benefits for the health care team
The dual relationship is modified thanks to the garden tool. The accompaniment is sweet, in a setting conducive to appeasement .
At a time when the burnout of caregivers is unfortunately commonplace, the garden helps to refocus.
It helps to find the pleasure of helping others.
Benefits for the institution
The garden is a new tool for accompanying people . In addition to being aesthetic, it is easy to access and can be useful for residents, caregivers and families alike.
It is a very motivating tool for a care team.
It is also a way of proposing something else, with another ethic, and to differentiate oneself from other establishments.
Benefits for families
The garden is a place of tranquility where families can meet with the resident, take the time, savor the warmth of the sun on the face. A place where the relationship is simplified because an unsafe place.
The garden allows projects related to schools, children’s clubs and our elders.
Example: in Bayon the retirement home has created a vegetable garden which is a place where the residents and children of the nearby school meet.
The garden is a place of pleasure and leisure . If you love to cook and grow your own plants, do not deprive yourself! However, the garden of a home is also the ideal place for additional space for all family members: you can install a pool for sports, a barbecue, a large table and a hut, and why not a play area…
These developments transform your living environment and allow you to have a privileged place in the open air to decompress, relax, forget the stress of everyday life by spending time (alone or with those you love).

For all those people who do not own a garden and who see life in black. Today there are solutions for putting greenery in homes or apartments. You can create well-being indoors. However, if you want to buy a new house or apartment I suggest you look at the presence of a garden.
Why? Simply because you offer your home an extra living space (which has a significant value, to estimate depending on the city or village where you are installed), but also because if you visit, you speak to potential buyers immediately, showing them a living space where they can project themselves mentally. Of course, a “classic” garden can have the same effect, but it depends on each person’s preferences.