The French And Indian War

The French And Indian War (Sever Years War) The French India Seven Year War The Frenchs seven-year war began at River Ohio valley and lasted between 1754 and 1763 and involved a fight between Britain and France too as they wanted to show their supremacy over North America extending all the way to the Atlantic within two years of its commencement. Britain was the epicenter of the two simultaneous wars that involved five continents and it was too hot to the extent o being regarded as the real world war. Many issues could have to be said to really have been the cause of this conflict, but in general, land and trade were the basic drives to the war. The number of colonists was rapidly expanding each day while the number of colonies along the coast was less. This caused the British colonists to make efforts and expand to the west in search of colonies. Their main goals were expansion and wealth builds up since they were aware that once they conquer more colonies, they were assured of exploiting more resources from them. This was to later to benefit them with huge profits coming from both colonial imports as well as exports. Therefore, expansion was deemed as a must do for the colonizers. Ohio Valley was the main point of focus for the conflicting groups since all demanded it. Various Indian groups which included refugees who had been pushed near the valley by the continued English expansion were also eyeing this land. Iroquois were at the same time struggling to have them heard and felt there. The continued conflicting interests converted Ohio valley to a fighting zone. There were a number of realignments in Europe which resulted into tensions among world powers, which was a major cause of the French war. The alliance which was there between Austria and Britain broke as a result of the continued loss of battles. This meant a weakened that the Austria-Hungarian was now very weak to help Britain withstand France, which was growing stronger each passing day. Britain had no other way out than to seek for support from Northern Germany for defense against their prior enemies. Impact of the war The defeat of Britain over in this war has several impacts. The war led to the expansion of Britain territories. Britain had a bigger claim over other powers which increased its voice over global issues. The cost of running the war was high, which as an implication made Britain to remain with huge debts owing to the financial support they had acquired from colonist during the war. The French Indian war was also used as a unifying factor for North America, it taught them the need too always stand united in the war against a common enemy to be assured success. Earlier before the war began, a total of thirteen colonies rarely got to agree on any single proposal but rather build distrust among them. They, therefore, learned the need, out of their experience in this war, to always stand together against a common foe. The war had the negative impact on India, one of the parties to it. An enmity broke between them and the English fighter who had eventually beat them together with Britain their counterparts. All the alliances started to be broken with time as a result of the shameful defeat. It is not uncommon for this to happen in times of defeat. Conclusion As discussed above, the seven years war was a show of power for the nations involved as each thrived to claim its portion of economic growth through colonization and to expand their territories especially by conquering the Ohio Valley which was a major focus. However, not all win in a battle and it Britain was the fortunate power to win hence enjoying more land and though it remained in debts. References Anderson, Fred. Crucible of War The Seven Years War and the Fate of Empire in British North America. New York Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. 2001. Belshaw, John Douglas. Canadian History Pre-Confederation. BC Open Textbook Project, B.C. Ministry of Advanced Education. British Columbia Victoria. 2015. Ten Facts About George Washington and the French Indian War, Mount Vernon Ladies Association. 2016. Accessed from http// Fowler, William. Empires at War Seven Years War and the Struggle for North America. Vancouver Douglas McIntyre. 2015. YourLastName PAGE MERGEFORMAT 1 YourLastName PAGE MERGEFORMAT 1 Y, 4IsNXp
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