The emergency procedure is as follows- When the fire alarm sounds

The emergency procedure is as follows-
When the fire alarm sounds, all staff should report to the fire alarm control panel, located at the main front entrance.
The first member of staff at the fire panel is to determine the location of the fire using information from the fire alarm panel and zone plan, they must then shout out the information to the other attending staff.
Staff unlock the front door to allow entry for the fire service.
As the fire alarm panel transmits an activation signal to an alarm receiving centre (First County Monitoring), who will contact the fire and rescue service. This system is very reliable, so staff need not delay evacuating the effected zone by calling the fire and rescue service, but doing a quick call will determine if they have received your alarm signal.
Staff collect a torch each from the fire panel and proceed to the identified area.
A competant member of staff If the fire is a small fire, all staff have the knowledge of the use of fire extinguishers on small fires, but because staff must not put them selves at risk if it a significant fire they must start the emergency evacuation procedure.
Staff are trained in progressive horizontal evacuation techniques, as most residents are dependent on staff to assist with their escape. Staff are trained to remove residents from an area effected by fire, through a fire-resisting barrier to an adjoining fire protected area on the same level, where they can wait in a place of safety while the fire is dealt with, or await further evacuation down a protected route (eg stairway) to total safety. Staff are trained to use evacuation mats, which are placed at predetermined strategic points throughout the building to ensure evacuation is as quick and efficient as possible.
Staff will evacuate people using the Personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) information, in order to use their time effectively. In extreme emergencies the sequence of evacuation will be:
-people in immediate danger