The crucible play and movie share many similarities and differences

The crucible play and movie share many similarities and differences.The comparisons vary from little things such as changes in the plot to big things such as adding characters.There are even differences and similarities in the dialogue.Either way all of these similarities and differences add to the effectiveness of the central message of the crucible.
The first difference that came to my attention was that some things were shown in the movie but only mentioned in the play.Which means that the movie in my opinion is more specific.Or in other words the movie goes more into detail than the the play.For example in the play Tituba(A slave or servant) and the girls dancing in the forest at night was never shown it was only mentioned through the dialogue a numerous amount of times by the girls themselves,the court,and some of the other characters. In the movie there is a scene showing the girls and Tituba (A slave or servant) dancing in the woods in the middle of the night.