The censorship of art has been around for centuries

The censorship of art has been around for centuries, and just as we thought people were becoming more open and understanding of artists and what their work is trying to show; art censorship made a huge comeback in the recent years taking several leaps backward making it a huge topic of discussion ‘Has art censorship went too far?’
The earliest case of censorship we currently know of was in 1565 when artist Michelangelo painted ‘The Last Judgement’ which depicted naked ‘human souls who rise or fall to their otherworldly fates’ (Huffington post, 2015). Although it does not seem particularly racy or improper to modern day society, back in the day many people believed it was immoral and unholy; Pope Daniele de Volterra was someone who believed this and it persuaded a lot of others to follows. Later the church that held this piece demanded Michelangelo’s pupil was to be sent to paint cloths covering the naked souls.