The business-IT partnership is problematic at Hefty

The business-IT partnership is problematic at Hefty. While IT seems to be delivering reliable cost-effective operations, it is not partnering effectively with business to deliver on the new business strategy. The CIO is relatively new and most of his senior managers appear to be “techies” who pay more attention to internal IT matters, such as planning and architecture than to business. Business leaders doubt that IT really understands the new strategy and that it can deliver on it. Communication with business leaders has largely been delegated to “relationship managers” who understand the business and can speak its language. However, communication with other parts of IT (e.g., R&D, development teams) is deemed to be unintelligible and executives are highly impatient with it as a result. IT leaders don’t appear to understand corporate politics and the importance of building good relationships with other executives to get things done.
On the business side, infighting between different business units causes lack of clarity for IT and increases development expense. Business leaders often confuse IT’s goal of delivering new business value with the goal of reducing operating expense, leaving IT leaders confused about their priorities. Often they believe that changing the CIO on a regular basis will be more effective than developing a true partnership with him/her.