The Battle of the Bulge was the last battle of the German attacks

The Battle of the Bulge was the last battle of the German attacks. It started on December 16,1944 and ended on January 28, 1945. It was the largest land battle of World War II, more than millions of men joined the battle. 55,000 British armies, 500,000 American armies, and 600,000 German armies were fighting. The World War was coming to an end by 1944, the forces of Germany were becoming weak, and the armies of Hitler were on the run. Allies regained the land that was previously taken by the Nazis. Adolf decided a surprising attack against allies that could turn the flow of the war. Adolf built a huge number of armies that had new artillery, airplanes, and tanks built. Adolf’s last attack had to work, or he would lose. His idea was to walk eighty-five miles from South of Belgium all the way to Luxembourg and to fight with the allies as a surprise. Hitler wanted to attack during Christmas in the forest of Ardennes which is an area where there was a very few number of allied soldiers. The purpose of the takeover was to divide American armies and British armies in half. However, the plan didn’t succeed. The German army caught the allies, they had a bit of success in the start and they were able to takeover many lands from the allies and capture multiple allied soldiers. Allied forces attacked armies of Hitler’s thoughtfully, and they tried the best to hold onto their grounds. They made the German army slow down till English and America’s additional troops arrived to fight with Germany. The army of Germany had no match for allied forces. Germany was losing lots of men, fuel, and ammunition. After many strong battles the forces of Germany was pushed back, Germany gave all the lands they had been conquering in the start of the battle. The allied forces destroyed the German armies entirely. After what happened they were not able to build a huge army in order to attack other allies. Soon, Allied forces occupied and destroyed Germany and its army. Later, On May 1945, Adolf Hitler commits suicide, and the Germans gave up after his suicide. That event ended World War II.