The article chosen was

The article chosen was, “Nurse residency program empowers new grads,” written by a Registered Nurse, Taylor Keasler, about the orientation program for new grad nurses in University of Tennessee Medical Center that she had participated on. According to Taylor, the goal of the program is to bring together the new grad nurses form different schools, with varying degrees and backgrounds into a group that will provide a solid foundation to be able to successfully incorporate knowledge and skills into the nursing field (Keasler, 2013, p.#). She elaborated the components of the program such as medical-surgical orientation guidebook, Basic Knowledge Assessment Tool (BKAT); medical-surgical, 8-hour-basic EKG interpretation class, 40-hour Acute Care Nurse Residency course, clinical observations experiences pertinent to assigned unit, 12-week unit orientation period with trained nursing preceptor, monthly nurse resident educational meetings, and optional mentor program (Keasler, 2013, p.#). The success of the program is based on the staff retention rate (Keasler, 2013, p.#).