The Arizona department of corrections in Downtown Phoenix

The Arizona department of corrections in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona is directed by Charles L Ryan. This facility employs over 9,500 correction professionals who are dedicated to enforcing the proper procedures to provide an adequate opportunity of correction for all inmates. Ancillary entities support the legal system in carrying out justice by encouraging all employees to provide necessary support to all activities of the correctional facility. In an organization like a correctional facility, it is imperative that employees complete every task exactly as it should be done as to avoid any individuals claiming the punishment given to them is unfair or prejudice. Not following this form of punishment could be directly linked to the eighth amendment of the constitution “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”. Treating prisoners with a cruel or unusual punishment is not only unjust, but it impedes the constitutional rights given to every citizen of The United States of America. If every criminal is treated the same way when being given a punishment and also when being punished, no persons could feel as if they were being singled out and everyone could gain the same benefit from the correctional process that is being demanded of them.