Test What if a scientist could make a designer baby

What if a scientist could make a designer baby? What if, as a newlywed couple, went with a scientist to make a designer baby? What if that newlywed couple thought it was a bad idea, but some of their co-workers and friends thought it was a great idea. Fast forward 20 years from now
Marianne’s best friend Jenna, who lives right next door, is a very different story. She was born a genetically modified designer baby with numerous upgrades. Yeah. Upgrades. And these enhancements were introduced using a new genetic modification technology that goes by the funny name CRISPR, you know, like something’s crisp, this is CRISPR. The scientist that Jenna’s parents hired to do this for several million dollars introduced CRISPR into a whole panel of human embryos. And then they used genetic testing, and they predicted that that little tiny embryo, Jenna’s embryo, would be the best of the bunch. And now, Jenna is an actual, real person. She’s sitting on the carpet in your living room playing with your daughter Marianne.And your families have known each other for years now, and it’s become very clear to you that Jenna is extraordinary. She’s incredibly intelligent. If you’re honest with yourself, she’s smarter than you, and she’s five years old. She’s beautiful, tall, athletic, and the list goes on and on.And in fact, there’s a whole new generation of these GM kids like Jenna. And so far it looks likethey’re healthier than their parents’ generation, than your generation. And they have lower health care costs. They’re immune to a host of health conditions, including HIV/AIDS and genetic diseases.