Tagataoletuiatua Auelua-Soares ENG 100 Childhood vs Adulthood Although we each come from different backgrounds

Tagataoletuiatua Auelua-Soares
ENG 100

Childhood vs Adulthood
Although we each come from different backgrounds, one thing i’ve noticed is; children tend to be in such a hurry to grow up, while adults are always trying to turn back the dials of time. What urges a child to be in such a rush to grow out of their adolescence? What makes an adult want to forfeit their free willed independence and go back to a time of rules and curfew? Childhood and adulthood are two different – but equally important – times in our lives.
To begin, Childhood is the period of time when we are still growing up. As a child you are nurtured and cared for by your mother and father from the time you are born all the way till you reach the tender age of 18. You are told what to do, how to dress, what to eat, and overall every single decision is supervised or made for you. You must abide by the rules and regulations of your parent’s household. Failure to uphold said commands can result in punishment such as, being grounded, no allowance, or no t.v. time. Any of these things would drive a person mad and cause them to want to find the fastest way out of this situation. Most believe that growing up is the solution. Adulthood is the time in our life when we are ‘grown up’, though we may still be developing as people. Throughout the world, the beginning of adulthood is usually legally deemed to occur at a certain age – for instance 18 or 21 years old. However, it can also be argued that we become adults as soon as we become independent, responsible for our own actions, and able to participate as part of society.
Contrary to being a child, as an adult you make your own decisions. You decide what you want to do, how you want to dress, what you’re going to eat, and overall you are responsible for every single decision you make. So what makes adults want to be a kid again? Perhaps it’s the stress free freedom of not having to worry about responsibilities such as bills, work, and struggling to find self identity. Children are ignorant to the fact that sometimes job stability can be unreliable and result in their parents juggling two sometimes three different jobs just to keep a roof over their heads. They don’t understand how strenuous and hard the burdens of everyday life can be. Bills can use a whole paycheck which leaves one with no money left for food or even gas money. Parents aren’t there to help pay for whatever they need. Kid’s don’t worry or stress over bills till probably around their teen years. Perhaps they’ll have to pay a phone bill but, not anywhere close to what an adult would.
Adults and children are often thought to be two different types of species. Biologically, the anatomy of a child will change continually, their organs and bodies rapidly develops over the course of time. Children’s bodies are resilient especially when compared to one of an adult. For example, when a child breaks or fractures a bone, the recovery time could differ between a few weeks to a couple of months at most. If an adult suffers from the same fate, especially an elder, the injury could be fatal and recovery time would definitely take much longer to heal if possible. Other biological differences are superficial. Some individuals overtime retain their same baby face, smile, skin, hair throughout their lifetime. For other’s looking back at old photo albums they don’t even recognize themselves. Physically speaking, adults often wish they still retained their youthful glow that they did when they were much younger.
As children, we are often seen in relation to our parents – the child of so and so. However, as adults, we are identified in different ways: for instance, by our job, by our education, or by our hobbies and interests. It may be asked, though, whether this is an intrinsic difference between children and adults, or whether this is simply due to the ways in which other people view us differently when we are children and when we are adults.
In conclusion There are definitely differences between childhood and adulthood. However, this distinction is not always as sharp as we initially think. And, of course, everyone is an individual with their own experiences of being a child and then becoming an adult. Irregardless, kids need to live in the moment instead of wishing to be older because in reality the only things they are looking forward to is paying bills, getting a job, continuing school, and balancing all of that with their personal lifestyle.