Spanking children sends the wrong message

Spanking children sends the wrong message; they think it’s okay to hit another person to gain respect. Children learn that by causing pain on someone else to get what you want is okay. Most of the time children are to young to understand whats going on. Once they grow older and start to understand that hitting isn’t right, because their parents were doing it, they think its acceptable to hit a smaller person. This is a problem because not only is the child thinking that hitting is acceptable but also that its okay to be dominating. A child who is being hit behaves out of fear, living in the fear of being spanked by the parents. So whats stopping them from not behaving when the parents aren’t around? Nothing, because the child isn’t around the parents who put fear into them. Since the behavior of the child is based on the fear of being hit, the child starts to operate from fear rather than reason; refraining from certain things because he or she doesn’t want to be spanked, not because it’s wrong.