SOCIAL MEDIA’S POSITIVE EFFECTS ON RELATIONSHIPS Social media becomes a backbone of today’s world

Social media becomes a backbone of today’s world. It is a fact that nobody can survive today without social media. It becomes an essential part of especially youngster’s daily life. There is the number of million-billion people who use Facebook, what’s app, Skype, and all other apps. Due to an advancement of social media, everything becomes so easy and convenient which wonders and change the human life. Social media plays a great role to create strong bonding with relationships. As people can talk and even see the next person while sitting in a comfort of their rooms. There are options for doing chatting, audio calls, video calls, sending images, emojis (funny smileys), videos and much more on social media.
In past times, when there were no social media people used to send letters or later than in mobile phone era, people can just call each other. Now, people who are far away from their houses, they cannot even talk to their families through social media, but they can also see them through video call when they are missing their homes. It is a fact that now those who are in abroad or far away, they are not far away from their families due to social media convenience. They can see their family members anytime. It keeps families closer to each other.
People can express their feelings through social media as on Facebook, people update status for his friend by tagging him. Now due to busy lives, people do not remember anyone’s birthday. Social media also helps people in this way. For example, On Facebook, people put their birth dates on their profile, so on any person’s birthday, his all friends get a notification about his birthday to wish him greetings, then all friends can upload a birthday wish on his profile. They can use Facebook messenger for the personal wishes and talk.
There is an option on few apps like if 4-5 or more people want to talk together even if they are in different countries of the world, so they create a group to do texting or video call which binds all people together which means if one person of the group sends a text or image, it will show to all group members and all members do pranks on it with each other and same thing with the video call.
It also enhances the relationships between celebrities and their fans. As everybody knows that there are a strong connection and relationship between a celebrity and his fans. Social media contributes a lot to make these relationships stronger as celebrities have their own pages on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and their fans like that page through which celebrities can always connect to their fans and followed by them. They upload videos and images in which they put their daily events and get comments on it from their fans which impress them and enhances celebrities love and passion to be more hardworking in their field and improve or do something new what their fans like.
Due to the social media, countries also being connected to each other like every countries events or planning’s are shared by politicians or people. As recently Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau went to India with his family for a week, he went to Taj Mahal, Golden Temple and many more famous places in India. His images, videos on social media have a million views which are clearly showing how he respects every holy place of India according to different religions and not in India or Canada even in every country where Indians live it was the breaking news of last month for everybody. He and his family wore Punjabi dresses, they cover their head according to the Sikhism religion while entering the Golden Temple, this makes respectful to all people over there and to those who watch his live entrance to Golden Temple on YouTube or on other social apps. It increases the respect as well as happiness in their heart towards Trudeau and it creates a strong bonding between Canadians and Indians. So that’s how social media just viral these everywhere and make countries together through little captures.
Social media also helps old or physically disabled people who cannot go out by himself to do video calls and stay connected with their grandchildren or friends which gives them a relief from their loneliness. It also helps a lot of international students to stay connected with their family members live. It helps them to do not feel homesickness and connect anytime with them.
Due to social media, great progression comes to human lives and it is developing more day by day and it will become more advanced for upcoming generations. It is a fact that science developments making the relationships together. It makes people crazy, now people capture their daily life’s single minute on their phones with their friends and families and upload it on social media. It becomes an essential part of society. (846 words)