Social media refers to those channels

Social media refers to those channels, which we use every day to communicate with one another. The very common social media include Facebook and Twitter. Social media is one of the most influencing and impacting source throughout the world. It enhanced the exposure and created awareness among the people especially in students. One research found that about 67% of the total respondents of Facebook comprised of youth and students.
The Pakistani students are so much intact to the social media that they respond to any new post very quickly. Pakistani students have made themselves associated with social media very seriously. Today our students lost the moral values of their culture because they are more familiar with others culture due to social media. Due to social media today our students do not feel any need of meeting with others because they think online chatting is enough. Today our students are involved in sharing useless information, posting such images which are injurious to the national dignity.
There are many positive results initiated through social media. Recently, very renowned incident was happened when a foreigner dare to promote such a content regarding Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) which was inacceptable for Muslims. Pakistani students recorded protests on social media which forced the government to ban it at least in Pakistan. This social media is very faster source of information for our students.
So the social media is affecting every age and every individual in Pakistan. It is necessary to took this social media very efficaciously in positive manner and avoid its negative impact on the society especially on the youth of the nation.