Social media is a form of digitization where the modern world is so fond of and everyone is using it for their own agendas

Social media is a form of digitization where the modern world is so fond of and everyone is using it for their own agendas. Every category of persons use social media differently. For instance the teenagers use social media for communication with their friends and posting their activity space while other like marketers (Sam, 2017) use it to advertise their businesses or products of the firm they work for. Therefore, this makes the social media a platform for interaction with variety of people from all over the world. On business terms, the social media can be used as a tool for expanding the business as the social media is a large market at their disposal. However, the social media can be a tool (Sam, 2017) of destruction when not handled carefully. It can be used to bring a business to its knees or destroy their reputation to a point that their sales start depreciating. How can Facebook or twitter makes sales of an organization lower to a point of making losses? It quite simple actually because the people holding the twitter and Facebook accounts are the same people who are customers to your business and when something bad is said about your organization, it will spread like wild fire developing negative attitudes towards your customers and would be customers making them boycott your products for your competitors. This would not mean business as usual.
A good example is the ABC Company where I happen to be HR manager. I noticed that there were employees in our faculty that posted some irritating things towards our company and the company they work for. In their posts they talked about how ABC Inc. doesn’t not treat its employees in terms of paying them good salaries. According to them, they were expressing their deep felt emotions towards the subject matter but the aftermath (Larry, 2017) of that would mean that the organization’s reputation is being destroyed and it won’t be able to make employee recruitment as most would not want to endure the problem of salaries.
Its therefore a necessary issue that the organization come up with a social media policy which will be used within the company and be effective to all its employees on matters regarding the social media. The social media policy (Larry, 2017) should:
Give details on the individual employees that are supposed to speak on social media on issues regarding the organization
Provide specifics on the code of conduct by employees on social media on personal and business matters because your employees are ambassadors (Larry, 2017) of the company out there and when they say something bad it will be a blow to the company
Be protective of both business and employee sensitive data. This would be through the prohibition of posts that could put the business and employees at risk.