Social Class Inequality Back from the days till now we have always seen inequality between people

Social Class Inequality
Back from the days till now we have always seen inequality between people. People have always been divided into rich and poor class. Andrew Carnegie and Karl Marx both mentioned about inequality between social classes. However, each of them had his own theory how should wealth be distributed. According to Carnegie, the rich people should continue having the wealth they own, and they will inspire poor to achieve wealth by making a competition. Unlike Carnegie, Marx thinks that the wealth should be distributed equally through hard work. In the article “The Communist Manifesto” Marx divided the society into two main class bourgeois and proletarians. He believes that proletarians should be the ruling class because they put a lot of effort assisting the revolution. Both Marx and Carnegie made their opinions to resolve the classes tension and created their own ideas either the social structure should be changed or continue to work itself.
Andrew Carnegie was one of the wealthiest individuals who supported the capitalistic system of wealth. Capitalistic system gives chances to everyone to grow wealth. However, he says that only few of them are getting the chance to become wealthy. But why? Carnegie believes that rich people built their wealth through hard work and the knowledge they have. He also believes in a fact that the rich class has an important impact on how to make it better living for society. In his article “The Gospel of Wealth” Carnegie mentioned “No man is to be thanked by the community to which he only leaves wealth at death. Men who leaves vast sums in this way would not have left it all had they been able to take it with”. Carnegie thought that wealthy people should know how to manage their money to the benefit of society instead of keeping their money until they die. However, Carnegie also doesn’t support the wealthy individuals who give huge amount of money to charity and they don’t even find out if their donation is going to work in proper way or not. The solution is that the “best minds”, which he used to identify wealthy class, should create educational institutions to the benefit of society and teach them how make their own wealth. He believes that inequality between classes can be beneficial for society. Nevertheless, Carnegie agrees with a fact that people who work hard deserve to be rich and the solution of the problem between rich and poor can solve only wealthy people. He thinks that wealth people have more skills to be beneficial to society because many of them consider to be the most knowledgeable and educated ones, who will know how to make the standards of living better for society by building many public institutions in order to educate people instead of tossing their wealth to someone who doesn’t make anything to the benefit of the society.
According to the article “The Gospel of Wealth” Carnegie strongly disagrees with the idea of Communism system. He thinks that Communism doesn’t let people to show their talents and make wealth out of it. In other wards there is no competition in Communism system. Carnegie believes that the competition itself make employees more productive and to be more careful with spending money. However, the competition can make a conflict between employer and employee, but the competition itself can be beneficial also. Capitalism allows individuals to compete, therefore making a growth into system and developing intelligent people with leading skills who are able to raise the country’s economy. The law of competition proves that every competition gives better quality of goods and services that’s because you have to compete with other by making a better product or service. Therefore, competition makes everybody both businessman and workers in the Capitalistic system to work hard. The Capitalism system encourage all individuals to find their status in society without having any limits which Communism system has.
Carnegie believes that Capitalism develops great conditions for worker class by giving them opportunities to achieve to higher level. With hard work, right skills and knowledge they are able to collect wealth and become rich but as he always mentions only few of them are lucky to become wealthy. Carnegie mentioned that the relationship between poor and rich was equal. They both used to work in the same place, do the same job and so on. During the technological innovation factories became more technological, the workers who were doing the job by hand couldn’t survive in the factories anymore. However, the Capitalist society gives an opportunity to move on by specializing into different jobs. Carnegie states that today the only problem working in the factories is that the rich doesn’t work with his employees side by side anymore.
Unlike Carnegie who thought that only few of society should own the most proportion of money, Marx had different idea of distributing wealth. He believed that there shouldn’t be poor and rich classes of society. He mentioned in “The Communist Manifesto” that capital should be owned by proletarians because they are the one who produce the means of the industry. government should put higher tax on rich people and give them to the others who needs them. Marx thought that the rich class became the most powerful class who controls all the factories and working class and keeping the big peace of the profit for themselves. Unlike Carnegie’s idea of competition, Marx thought that bourgeoisie keeps finding new ways to make more profit with fighting to other bourgeoisie and with workers making workers life miserable. Marx wanted to get rid of the bourgeoise class and share the means of the production through the community.
Marx believed that the Capitalist system was unstable because of the unequal wealth distribution between people. In Capitalism system there is always a class struggle. The big proportion of the wealth was in the hand of few individuals and they are taking advantage of it and controlling the proletariats. There is always fight between bourgeois and proletariat and it will cause the end of the revolution in Marx point of view to the Capitalist system. The bourgeois, or businessman, will continue to use the proletariat to make profit and capital for himself. He thought that there should not be any classes between people in Communism system. All the power and the wealth should be owned by government and using the wealth the government will equally control the society.
Marx also mentioned about the conditions of the proletariats who are crowded into factories and organized like a soldiers. He compared them to the slaves of the bourgeois class. However, there is no slavery anymore Marx used it to show the real relationship between the proletariat and the bourgeois, while the poor class was working hard to survive and at the same time making a profit to businessman, the rich was enjoying the benefites. They are daily and hourly were trapped in the factories with horrible conditions under the supervision of officers, or bourgeois. Unlike Carnegie, who thought that workers have an opportunity to achieve to wealth life, Marx believed that most of the proletariats worked themselves to death. Marx argued that the proletariat class should take over the bourgeois because they have nothing to lose but their chains.
Carnegie and Marx both wrote their article in 19th century showing the unequal distribution of wealth in the society, however it still exists. Carl Marx would be upset about the fact of unequal wealth distribution. Unlike Carnegie would feel comfortable about the continues class separation.