Selection Plan Summary Roseview hires it’s employes using innovative and progressive methods

Selection Plan
Roseview hires it’s employes using innovative and progressive methods. Roseview makes use of social media platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and employment websites like, indeed, moster jobs, etc. Job postings will be displayed on advertisement boards too. Roseview seeks to locate the most dedicated and proimising candidate. Job Invitation posts will contain a link to apply online. Other candidates can submit their resumes to the HR directly upon arriving at the location. Best five candidates from the received applications will be invited for a written test. The test would contain 15 to 20 multiple choice questions. Three successful candidates would then be called for an interview. The most eligible candidate will receive an offer for the position.
Application Forms
Applicants can apply for the position by completing the application form available at [email protected] and attach a cover letter along with it. The desirable candidates for the written test will be screened and selected on the basis of level of education, years of experience and indulgence in volunteer activities. The full online application is available in Appendix A.
Screening Process
When submitting the application, the candidates will be required to complete a Survey, which is detrimental in selecting the ideal candidates for the written test. The Survey will act as a key in understanding the values and ethics of the candidate and to see if the align with that of the organization. Goal of the screening process if to find the best available amalgam of compassion and capability. The survey is also available in Appendix A.
Interview Method
The Interview Method consist of having a panel of HR Representatives or PSW trained in Leadership in healthcare. The represent and convey Roseview as an organization. Interviewers will be highly skilled in their fields and will be given the necessary traits to be looked for in a candidate. Interview questions will be related to the profession and ideas in general. Questions will be accompanied with a legitimate scoring system to avoid any chance of bias. The questions focus primarily on assessing the knowledge, attitudes, skills and communication skills of the candidate. The question will be both situational and comprehensive. Situational question will serve to develop an idea about the candidate’s reasoning and rational abilities. The candidate can take any amount of time to convince the board of their answer. Interview questions will be included in Appendix A.
Reference Checks
Reference checks will be held to fetch more information about the candidates and this will aid in selecting the optimal person for the job. Volunteer organizations and previous employer’s will be contacted to assure the capability and credibility of the applicant. An applicant completing this step, the final one; will be asked to present Criminal Records Check and complete a TB Test. The reference check form is included in Appendix A.

Orientation Plan
Roseview is an ardent believer of the idea that proper orientation will create best of employees and will ensure success of the organization. We stay by the idea that conveying a clear picture of what is expected of an employee and what the organization expects of them will serve to reduce stress and anxiety. This will also serve to increase employee loyalty and foster employee retention. These factors play a major role is a healthcare environment, which we strive to preserve and keep intact.

Before Arrival
Documentation New hires will be sent a welcome package to which has to be reviewed before orientation. Included in it will be a welcome letter from the CEO, job description, annual salary, code of conduct and an acceptance form. A online guide will be sent, which has t be reviewed and the end of which a test will be given to assess the proficiency. This has to be completed before the orientation. Acceptance form has to be filled and returned back by the new hires before seven business days.
Identification Once hired the new employees will receive an email that will add them as a part of the Roseview family. Employee number and guidance on creating a password to log in to the Roseview Networking System will be included in the email.
Communication Roseview believes that key to a successful relationship between organization and employees is clear and efficient communication. To make the new hires feel welcome, Roseview posts their pictures on the Roseview website and on the internal communication boards. Familiarity will help in easing the transition from a stranger to a part of the workplace.
Upon Arrival
Security Clearance New hires will be informed about the times when they can access the office and staff lounge. Keys and access card will be given to them. Identity card with photograph and employee number and a name tag with designation will be given.
Equipment/Facility Upon Arrival, the new hires will be given a tour of the building and facilities. The tour will include, entrances, exists, lounges, meeting rooms, wards, special areas, etc. Equipment’s which they need to operate and use will be demonstrated to them. This will also be a chance for the new hires to formally introduce themselves to their co-workers and volunteers. After the tour the employee will receive a Roseview software tutorial.
Orientation Orientation will begin usually after the tour of the building and will be conducted by a Registered Nurse or a Supervisor. Orientation will take a maximum of two hours. Numerous topics will be covered including:
• Introduction Video – Mission, vision, Values, history of the organization, Ethics it upholds, expectations from the employees and culture of the company will be briefed.
• Review of the Job Description – Roles and responsibilities will be made aware of.
• Review of Policies – Expectation of the organization, punctuality, harassment and discrimination polices will be included.
• Review of Benefits- Including vacation, Bonus, Pensions, Overtime, Medical Coverage and Extended health benefits.
• Health and Safety awareness and training
• Discuss important point from pre-orientation training test and code of conduct handbook.

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Evaluation of Recruiting Methods Used
Roseview uses a strict and qualified hiring process to select its team members. We seek quality and efficiency compared to cost of hire. We believe that our customers deserve the best and we are determined to make sure they receive better than what they hope for. On evaluation, it was evident that the recruitment strategy used to hire was indeed successful considering the quality of applications received. The initial job advertisement received fifty highly competent applicants. The best five out of it will be selected using various determining factors. The top five were subjected to a written test and the best three were invited for the interview. We were confident that even if the chosen candidate declined our job offer the remaining candidates would have successfully fulfilled the necessary job requirements. The quality of the candidate chosen justifies the cost generated. The cost breakdown for the recruitment effort is given below, indicating a total cost of $ 4,667 .

Roseview Recruitment Cost Break Down: Personal Support Worker

Direct cost Hours x Employee x Wage Cost
Social Media Setup 4x1x $30 $120
Application Screening 12x2x$60 $2880
Witten test 6x1x$50 $300
Interview Process 4x2x$60 $400
Total $3780
Indirect Costs

Administrative Salaries 3x2x$20 $120
Orientation 15x1x$50 $750
Materials 40 sheets x $0.05 $2
Mails $15
Totals $887