Reflection Paper for Hope of the Flowers A story about life

Reflection Paper for Hope of the Flowers
A story about life, hope, and the revolution of life if you’re a caterpillar some may expect that the traits of this tale is kind of simple or basic to begin with but as the story builds up it, the main idea comes out. A story that a lot of children will love and a great concept about life that the adults may enjoy because it will open their eyes and expand their minds about life.
In the beginning when Stripe was born his only goal in life is to grow bigger, but when time goes by he soon wonders that there’s a lot more in life just then he began to seek different things to fulfill his satisfaction. And for him to know what his purpose in life but little is did he know that he will become a beautiful butterfly someday. Just like our childhood before being just a kid means that you’re free to imagine everything you want, you are allowed to become whatever you wanted to be we are so innocent, that’s when things are so simple and life is not yet complicated.
But when years passed by, and the power of age has gone through us we became older the simple things we want before doesn’t apply to us anymore our main goal changed and now? We want to gain success and reach the top we want to be someone someday, and just like Stripe he was searching for something that can fulfill his curiosity and satisfaction by then he found a pile of caterpillars climbing on the top not knowing what they would found in it. It must be faith that Stripe chose to join the others to that challenging and unsure undertaking he learns to compete with others and in human nature we found it very satisfying knowing that we may be better than others. And sometimes we tend to do it in a bad way, and of course there will be consequences that we have to face but in the end we learn from it.
Along the way up, Stripe met a yellow caterpillar who is unsure if she really wants to continue climbing because first of all they all don’t know what’s waiting for them if they finally reach the top. He felt awful not knowing why. And it is love, because only love can be unexplainable the same thing in the real world. Even the famous quote says “Love moves in mysterious ways.” That love will find you even if you don’t want to be found, in the most unexpected time and place. And deep down you knew that it was destiny.
But just like every love story the sweetness of Stripe and Yellow run out, Stripe began to question his decision he began to question the love that he felt if it is worth risking it all. For Stripe, didn’t want to live in regret. Similar to us, we tend to look back in our past, we remember those thing/s we regret the most and hoping for another chance to make all things right. But then we realize that everything happens for a reason, that all those things that we faced before gave us the best learnings that we can surely use today. That something exchanged for the good of today.
In the other hand Yellow is still seeking for her purpose, found someone who really believe in his principles so much and showed her that there is more to life. Even though she is not convinced that caterpillar can be a beautiful butterfly and that she can finally touch the sky without climbing all day. She is now willing to risk everything. And in the real life I think that’s what everybody needs, someone who believes and show them another way of living, another purpose. Someone who have conviction, and things that we may lack, for us to be inspired and motivated.
In the meanwhile Stripe is much disciplined and determine on reaching the top, there’s no one who can stop him from doing it. But once he finally reach the top he still not satisfy. Just like us, we tend to be distracted on things that a lot of people want not knowing that what they want is not similar on what you want. So in the end all your hardships, sacrifices; we still don’t feel triumphant. We still not satisfied.