Recently Walmart

Recently Walmart, a retail store successfully implemented job analysis and design in human resource through the company’s organizational structure, which is a hierarchical functional structure. The company has a clear and distinct definitions for every job position and level of the structure. Two Method used are work-oriented and worker-oriented job analysis. Work-oriented purpose is to provide information about the task and outcomes. They applied this method in the form of interviews and direct observations. On the other hand, the worker-oriented job analysis method provides information on interpersonal, cognitive and perceptual abilities. Walmart used this method to analyse managerial jobs. A specific application of this method is through the Work Profiling System (WPS), which is designed for managerial positions. This method enabled Walmart’s human resource management to pinpoint the necessary capabilities of managers, such as store managers and corporate managers. The human resource management used the position, functions, duties, performance standards, job factors and job knowledge variables as criteria for job description.