Raising public awareness includes making a particular informing campaign about a specific issue

Raising public awareness includes making a particular informing campaign about a specific issue. It can be an essential piece of creating group support for changes in the equity part; it has been appeared to change knowledge and states of mind about sexual harassment and abuse. Campaigns should center on substantial issues that are most applicable to the lives of group individuals, and should enable people to better comprehend their rights or an action that they can make to assert their rights. Public awareness campaigns and other publicities ought to organize the message that all individuals have the privilege to be free from in every one of its structures. Informing efforts ought to be clear and basic, related with a logo or a steady picture, supported after some time, and should frame some portion of a bigger composed methodology. Awareness-raising may incorporate events, poster campaigns, websites, documentaries, newspaper articles, radio, TV, or theatre programs – inventive, creative methods for imparting information and ideas to the group can build the accomplishment of public awareness raising.
Making use of publicities or campaigns to raise the public’s awareness about sexual harassment has always been an effective way dealing with sexual harassment. In 1997, women groups, university organizations, and trade unions in Slovenia and Croatia constructed impressive campaigns to raise public awareness about sexual harassment in workplace. Aiming to alternate the attitudes toward workplace sexual harassment, these campaigns used thousands of leaflets and posters telling the society that having a working environment without sexual harassment is women’s legal right. Information about basic guides was provided within the posters appearing in varies spots of the cities. What’s more, a manual on creating business approaches for the counteractive action and destruction of inappropriate behavior and video tapes presenting the issue of lewd behavior in the working environment were additionally appropriated at “the preparation of coaches” workshops. The crusade brought about 95 articles in the print media, seven transmissions, and broad radio scope in Slovenia alongside 50 articles and four TV programs in Croatia.

II. National ; international law
Some of the existing laws do protect people, especially women, from sexual harassment. General Assembly Resolution 48/1041 on the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women characterizes violence against ladies to incorporate sexual harassment behavior, which is denied at work, in instructive establishments, and somewhere else, and supports advancement of reformatory, common or other authoritative assents, and in addition safeguard ways to deal with wipe out viciousness against ladies. The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)1 guides States Parties to take fitting measures to dispose of oppression women in all fields, particularly including equality under law, in administration and governmental issues, the work environment, training, human services, and in different territories of open and social life. (Expressions. 7-16).
But the current law need revision since its function is limited. What have gained from the present whirlwind of disclosures about sexual harassment behavior is that open disgracing may change conduct yet the law, as seems to be, won’t. That implies a wide motivation is required to change the law and to secure that not only women, but also, in certain cases, men, could be practically protected by the laws.
In this manner, it should be particularly watchful to ensure low-wage women laborers, who regularly have less financial versatility than better educated, higher-wage professional working women, and are even less ready to stop when they wind up in an unfriendly workplace.

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One evident initial step is to stretch out scope of the law to littler working environments and give casualties more opportunity to choose to bring a case. Past this, there must be a more prominent cost to businesses for taking part in inappropriate behavior or enabling it to go on.

In prominent cases, organizations are at long last making a move on the grounds that the cost to their primary concerns of terrible attention is so high. How might we change the law to get businesses outside of the spotlight to stress over their main concerns on the off chance that they don’t make the best choice? We ought to force higher money related punishments, make sanctions for boycotting laborers who advance up, and ensure that organization proprietors and more elevated amount corporate authorities have skin in the amusement by extending the universe of who can be considered in charge of provocation.