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The Ice Bucket Challenge is a great example Glocal was created for crowdfunding campaign with a social cause. The campaign was launched to create awareness about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Disease. The challenge was floated all over the world to make people aware of the disease motivate people to donate for research.
The campaign was started by Pete Frates who was diagnosed with ALS in March 2012. Using social media platforms, the challenge became viral during the months of July & August in 2014 and reached more than 17 million people worldwide. Because of a global footprint over two years, the campaign raised enough money to fund research and development for the treatment of ALS.
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Being an ideal example of ‘GLOCAL’ activity, Ice Bucket Challenge Campaign was effective in generating the interest of a global audience through an activity at a local level. The local analog pouring a bucket full of cold water and ice, triggered the social sharing potential and generated interest among audience from around the globe. Not only the Ice Bucket Challenge reached across borders, but it engaged every stakeholder in the community including corporate entities, national leaders, individuals, families and friend groups. Social media users were seen challenging their friends, colleagues or a public figure to take up The Ice Bucket Challenge to show support.
Soon, the challenge turned into a great relationship building exercise that leveraged social media engagement and personalized socialization to create a greater impact. Globally, more than 17 million people posted videos of attempting The Ice Bucket Challenge. These included celebrities, politicians, public figures, successful entrepreneurs and the common public that collectively created a powerful synergy that made an impact. All in all, The Ice Bucket Challenge helped in raising USD 115 million for the ALS Association that was used for research and development or for patient and community services. To elaborate, 67% of the funds raised, i.e. USD 77 million were used in research, 20% or USD 23 million were sanctioned for patient care and community services. (Retrieved from
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Ice Bucket Challenge is a classic example of P2P fundraising campaign. To launch a peer-to-peer crowdfunding campaign, first of all, it is essential to identify and focus on social channels that can maximize the impact. For choosing the right channels, it is important to evaluate every social channel on various aspects including the number of followers, community influence, sharing quotient and the ease-of-use. A glocal phenomenon like Ice Bucket Challenge blends the sociability quotient of offline activity with the visibility and affordability of digital mediums. For a social media campaign to succeed, it is essential to make use of the push-pull technique for boosting community engagement and response. It is important to be regular and keep community posted on the crucial milestones to generate interest and keep them hooked to the cause.
With social media platforms, one can easily identify and engage interested audiences that are willing to donate for a cause. Using the platform to spread information, one can grow viral, respond to questions and answer inquiries in real time. This makes it easy to disseminate information. Even after the campaign ends, social media makes it possible to stay in touch with donors and keep them hooked to latest news and updates about a cause. In the era of digital connectivity, multimedia content is definitely the king. It is easy to persuade donors to donate and support a cause. For video content related to your campaign, YouTube is the most potent platform. The videos can be then shared on social media accounts to boost reach and create a massive impact in a short while with minimal resources.