Professionals working with children and young adult should establish and maintain a safe environment when dealing with circumstances where there is a requirement of the welfare concerns

Professionals working with children and young adult should establish and maintain a safe environment when dealing with circumstances where there is a requirement of the welfare concerns. Through the procedures and policies of safeguarding the children and young adults are safe in the schools. As these plays an important role of detecting and preventing risk and harm while working with children and young adults and also include in helping them in dealing with bullying, teasing, risk, etc.
The practitioners working with children and young adults must fully understand their responsibilities and duties which are set by the government’s legislation guidance and regulations.
The following are the main current legislation and guidance that applies with the UK home nation.
The Children’s Act 1989
According to the Children’s Act 1989 of the British the act of the parliament had changed the law concerning children; this law introduced the ideas of ‘parental responsibility’ that is
• The child’s requirements arising from different cultures languages and religions to be taken into account.
• The child’s or young adults best place is to be cared was within their home
• If any legal proceedings occur then parents of the child should continue to be involved in them, even though if the child’s parents are separated or divorced.
• This act mentioned the welfare of the child of paramount importance and this guidance to the school regarding protecting children from any harm and abusive things.
• They allocated some duties to schools, parents and local authorities by ensuring children are safeguarded and their welfare is been promoted.
The United Nations convention of the rights of the children 1989 all children have a right to be aware of their right letting the child know that they have equal rights and will be accepted for what they are. Its sets out the independent rights of the children, however, it also states that the best interest.
• Respecting or valuing of every child under the age of 18, regardless of their race, gender, language or religion.
• The organisations that are involved with children should work together for achieving what is the best for that child.
• That every child has a right to life and that government should make sure that they survive and also develops properly in order to reach their potential.
• Unless it is absolutely essential a child should not be separated from their parents.
• Governments should also take certain steps to stop a child/young adult being illegally taken from their country by an abducting parent.

Every Child Matters, 2003
The UK government took this initiative that was launched in 2003, after the death of Victoria Climbie. It covers safeguarding of children and young adults up to the age of 19.
The aims for this policy is every child whatever background they belong to have the support they need to:
• Be healthy; mentally, physically and emotional well-being
• Stay safe: protection from any harm
• Enjoy and achieve: giving good education and training
• Make a positive contribution: the contribution to the society
• Achieve an economic well-being: social and economic well-being.
Working together to safeguard children 2017-18
• The working together to safeguard children/young adult is a government guidelines setting the planning for running the organisations and individuals that should work together to safeguarding them and also encourage the welfare of the children / young adult in agreement with The Children Act ‘1989’ and ‘The Children Act 2004’.
• This is designed for the professionals who are working with children, having particular responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children.
• The key of this guideline is that professionals caring for the children must also work together by improving their lives.
• They must respect and listen to what they have to say and involve all parties when making decisions.
• Outlines the responsibilities of various agencies such as schools , police, and health services
• It also provides direction on setting up of the local safeguarding board its operation and functions.

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