Professional Skills • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Word

Professional Skills
• Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point and Internet.
• Managerial skills such as preparation of project monitoring plans, management of resources at work place such as human resources and financial resources/assets, proper allocation of resources according to budget.
• Community and rural development issues Management by using livelihood approaches.
• Excellent participatory project planning and customer service skills.
• Ability to manage projects – strong ability to budget monetary, material and equipment resources
• Outstanding interpersonal skills – good communicator and personal relations and reliable.
• Ability to coordinate and conduct trainings and presentation

February 2012 – November 2015: Training Coordinator (The centre for Cerebral Palsy-TCCP)-Australia
Communicating with managers to identify training needs and mapping out development plans for teams and individuals.
Responsible for managing, designing, developing, coordinating and conducting all training programs (outsourced and/or in-house)
Collaborate with Program Managers, and external vendors, to ensure that all materials are kept up-to-date.
Select appropriate training methods or activities (e.g. simulations, mentoring, on-the-job training, professional development classes)
Market available training to employees and provide necessary information about sessions.
Conduct organization-wide training needs assessment and identify skills or knowledge gaps that need to be addressed.
Design, prepare and order educational aids and materials.
Assess instructional effectiveness and determine the impact of training on employee skills and KPIs.
Partner with internal stakeholders and liaise with experts regarding instructional design.
Maintain updated curriculum database and training records.
Manage and maintain in-house training facilities and equipment.
Research and recommend new training methods as required.

September 2006 – July 2011: Assistant Lecturer with the Open University of Tanzania OUT
Fully responsible for course development, instruction/teaching and assessment. Teaching subjects were Development studies for undergraduate and Diploma students and Youth and Health, General studies and Project Planning, monitoring and valuation for the diploma students.
Assists in writing teaching manuals and compendia.
Attends workshops, conferences and symposia and borne
Conducting lectures, Seminars, Tutorials and supervise Teaching Practical’s for Diploma in Primary teachers’ education students.
Coordinator for the Ordinary Diploma in Primary Teacher Education programme

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September 2005 – August 2006: Zonal Manager with Family Planning Association of Tanzania (UMATI) –Southern Highland zone.
To save as Area Manager in 4 Regions for UMATI programs, Overseeing programme implementation.
Administrative operational affairs of the Regional offices.
Human resources management, oversee, manage and train program staff, field coordinators within the area that includes a team of skilled and unskilled employees.
Carry out regular performance, and line management of the zonal employees in line with HR policy.
Develop relationships with senior managers in government Departments responsible for Family Planning and sexual and reproductive health. Foster and maintain a number of external relationships vital to the provision of quality care for our clients.
Facilitate team meetings, discussion and trainings.
Financial, Property & Asset Management.
Working with programme quality team, coordinate the monitoring and review of the projects across all locations on monthly bases.
Ensure sensitization and engagement of internal and external communities in all aspects of the programme.
Supervise all sexual and Reproductive Health program projects are being done according to the established work plan, timeline, content, proper use of funds and expected results.
Manage and coordinate Home Based care project within the zone.
Assist with planning projects and project documentation.
Prepare reports on project financial aspects and progress
Coordinate all relevant departments’ activities to ensure smooth flow
Staff recruitment and on job trainings