Pixel Launcher APK Download For Android Android Launchers When it comes to the matter of launchers most of the people don’t know what is an android launcher

Pixel Launcher APK Download For Android

Android Launchers
When it comes to the matter of launchers most of the people don’t know what is an android launcher.
Let me explain it briefly.Every Android phone requires Android Launcher app(default can also be called as built in app) to facilitate user for interacting with device features and other apps. Android Launcher provides easy interface between the user and the other apps. The more lighter the launcher is, the best experience a user can get from it. Android launchers are used to manage apps in a particular style(List view or Grid view), customize home screen,customize icons for different apps. We can use themes to customize even the notification drawer of our device.

Interested in Customizing your icons,home screen etc?
These are the Some of the popular in the market Android Launchers which are built by third parties
PIXEL Launcher
Nova Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
Apex Launcher
Apus Launcher

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Pixel Launcher
Pixel Launcher is an android Launcher developed by Google for phones like pixel and pixel XL. These phones working Pixel Launcher are smooth and fast in accessing files and working with apps. We can customize several things in this launcher.

Features Of Pixel Launcher
Google Now cards (Swipe Left from the Home Screen to open Google Now Cards)
Swipe up to access the menu drawer.
Bottom placed Google Search widget on Home Screen.
Frequently opening apps are placed at top of your menu drawer separately.
Wallpapers from Google Wallpapers app can be integrated.


If you don’t have a Google Pixel phone then it means that you cannot install and use Pixel launcher. For example if you love google products and the new Pixel Launcher or Google now Launcher which is ancestor of Pixel launcher then you would like to install this Launcher but you don’t have a pixel phone and want to experience the new Pixel Launcher then you open Store App from your device(Non-Pixel) and search in the search bar for Pixel Launcher. You see that your mobile device is not supported by the Launcher. This is because Google has made Pixel Launcher for only Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL phones and it can be installed on Pixel phones only.
Wait, but there is a way go around this problem
We can use modded Pixel Launcher on other devices with are not made by Google. Yes it can be modded and used on non-Pixel devices but, we have to sacrifice some features in the Launcher like
In some devices the swipe right to open Google Now drawer and the shortcuts are not working.
Pixel Launcher Mod For Non-Pixel Phones
There are two versions of Pixel Launcher for Non-Pixel Users

I’ll discuss about Non-Root Mod in this article
This modded Pixel Launcher app doesn’t require your device to be rooted, but it will in need of a device which is having 5.0+ version of Android. I personally tested Pixel Launcher on Xiaomi MI 3S and the Google Pixel.
It runs smoothly on both the mobiles. But, for a group of people with required version android have concern about Launcher and Google Now Drawer in the app
When you download the app and tried to install it on your phone and get error message like installation failure or app failed to install then you’re going to be the unluckiest person who can’t use pixel launcher. In another case, If you got some luck and installed the app onto your phone,but experience some other small bugs which are reported by users of the ported Pixel Launcher then it might be fixed in the future updates rolling from the developer. The bugs may be of type crashing and Google Wallpapers app issue.
To overcome this error we need to install another app called Wallpapers which is developed by Google specially for Pixel Launcher. Wallpapers app consists material design and material design is supported in API 23 or higher.
If you are using Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL, then make sure that to install the “No Google Now” version because this modded version is another app which is not considered as the same to the Google Now launcher that came pre-installed on your phones, so it won’t settle in. Luckily though, the “No Google Now” version installs as stock(Built in) to Pixel launcher.
Installation Procedure
Allow Unknown Sources
Find Unknown Sources Option in the Settings of your Phone and enable it so that you can install apps from Unknown Sources.
Uninstall Previous Versions
If you have any previous versions of this app then you have to uninstall it right away.

Now after completing the above steps go to the link to download the launcher. After, Successful completion of download open the APK file using any file browser you have in the device, then press “Install”.
After the installation of the app on to your device you are good to go.

How to make Pixel Launcher as Default Launcher
To make Pixel as default Launcher app, tap on the home button. You will be asked to choose a home screen app from a list of Launcher apps installed on your device, now select “Pixel Launcher” from the list, then tick on “Always” if prompted.

My Review About Pixel Launcher

I don’t know why Google has rolled out Pixel Launcher as there is Google Now Launcher which is a super hit in the market of Android Launchers. There are so many fans for Google Now Launcher.
Releasing Pixel Launcher at this moment is strange but everyone started loving it.
Easy to use, simple UI, Google Now Drawer,bottom search bar and what not. Everything looks perfect in this modern day launcher.
“If you’re a Google Products Lover then Pixel Launcher won’t disappoint you.”


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