Pirate Weapons Pirates had many weapons for many different purposes

Pirate Weapons
Pirates had many weapons for many different purposes. They often used guns such as pistols but if they had no ammo left, they had to use other options. Therefore Pirates had so many other types of weapons to use for attacking their enemies, raiding other’s ships and even for defending themselves.

According to History of Humanity, the Cutlass was a very common weapon used during the Golden Age of Piracy. It was great for slashing enemies. The Cutlass was so powerful that it could cut through strong rope and it was also pretty light to carry around while attacking other’s ships. The Cutlass was still used during the 1990s and it was slightly curved.

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Pirates did use shields and the Buckler was one of the types of shields. It was a small sheild but it could easily dodge sword attacks and maybe even other types of attacks that are larger.

Boarding Axe
This was quite a popular weapon among pirates because it was used by pirates often to cut through thick rope quickly. It would help the pirates climb onto ships. Common boarding axes were mainly made in Sweden mainly because of the Vikings. These axes were not only great for cutting through thick rope but you could also use them for chopping through people’s bodies.