Physical: Physical development of an infancy in their first two years of life, infants go through a period of rapid growth and development. New born babies can also demonstrate a number of reflexes: for example, swallowing and sucking reflex, they would swallow and suck anything in their mouth, rooting reflex is where the baby will turn their head toward the side you have stroked their cheek etc.
Social: Social development is when the child starts to speak in their baby language, for example mama, dada. They also start touching and grabbing stuff or putting toys in their mouth. Play games like Peek-a-boo.
Emotional: Emotional development is when the child throws tantrums because they don’t know how to react. For example chucking toys across the room.
Cognitive: this is when they start to say proper words lie “mom” and “dad”.
Childhood (3-10 years)
Physical: Physical development Gross and Fine Motor Development. The term “gross motor” development refers to physical skills that use large body movements, normally involving the entire body. In the sense used here, gross means “large” rather than “disgusting.” Gross motor also involves larger muscle groups used for accurate, precise movement e.g. walking, running, skipping, jumping, throwing, climbing and many others.
Social: This is when the child starts to make development of friendships, Common to have gender based friendships, Social play – cooperative play begins and Listening to others. For example holding hands and hugging a friend.
Emotional: This is when the child starts to learn how to share and cooperate – experiences emotions such as love, hate, fear and jealousy. They will also experience a range of new feelings and will have to learn how to handle them.
Cognitive: This is when the child’s Communication and Language development improve greatly and can now use full sentences, e.g. “can we get some sweets ” and can count and start to sequence and order events. This is the stage where they also learn to read and write.
Adolescence (9-18 years):
Physical: This is when both sexes are capable for reproduction, both sexes’ changes in body shape and growth of body hair. This is also the stage when Girls – menstrual cycle, growth of breasts, hips widen and Boys – penis growth, sperm production, voice breaks.