Perception is the process by which people connect to the surroundings and environment

Perception is the process by which people connect to the surroundings and environment.
It depends on the state of mind, role etc becuase it is a sense making process and so they can response appropriately.
Perceptual distortion is defined as a distortion that occurs when a person’s response varies from how it is usually perceived by others.
We observe many people commit errors due to this wrong perceptions and in turn reults in making wrong decisions.This has to be avoided as much as possible.
Some of the types of distortions are as follows:
2.halo effects
3.selective perception

1. stereotyping: This is basically an idea about certain type of a person on the basis of the membership to a particularly large group. People
come to conclusions and make judgments without even knowing them. This is very common and also highly resistant to change once it is formed.
Example of Stereotyping is if a person is from Japan, so he must know so much about Tokyo.
2.halo effects: It is defined as a psychological phenomenon where people come to an opinion based on one point without any relationship between them.
If it is a positive effect then it is a good attribute and if it is a negative effect then it is considered as a bad attribute.
Some of the reasons of this effect of distortion are very less relationship with the other person, when the person is well known etc.
Example of halo effects is if a person is smiling then people expect that he must be telling the truth.