Old School vs

Old School vs. New School: The Debate on Tattoos
Should those with art, which represent one’s personality, be punished for expressions of themselves? Permanent self-representation through the form of art on one’s skin, a tattoo, has a negative history connected to them in the past, but when thought about it today in a modern society, tattoos have become more widely accepted by the highest managers in the major corporation and in many different fields of work. However, the older generation, our grandmothers, grandfathers, and even out parents, still haven’t fully accepted the way the youth use self-expression through permanent on one’s skin. Which leaves the question unanswered, should those with permanent art be punished of self-expression?
This topic came up one time when I was watching T.V with mother one night. Back ground information: my mother and have a great relationship and I am very appreciative of her, but when it comes down many things we see things in different point of views. I for one think tattoos and piercings are completely acceptable. Whereas, my mom disagrees and thinks tattoos are and no one should have them. Anyway, back to the story. We were watching TV and something about tattoos showed up on the screen and I stated “Yes, tattoos aren’t bad, and I believe that people with tattoos and piercings should still be able to get jobs and be active participants in society. She strongly disagreed. In turn, this was the offset of heated debate old school verse new school on tattoos. We learned about our differences and how we felt about that not just tattoos about topics as well. Like alcohol and drugs. Her thoughts were that it was all bad whereas, mine was I think it acceptable. We never settled the age-old debate of Should those with art, which represent one’s personality, be punished for expressions of themselves?
On the contrary, tattoo cane be negative. Here’s how, depending on where one’s tattoos are locate can give others opinion and maybe a negative one. This was the point my mother was trying to make. If you have tattoos in the location of your face, neck, and hands. These are all related with gangs and or jails. Which is why they have a negative notion connected to them. On the other hand, me and my mother did agree on this topic that if a tattoo has a significant meaning than she believes that a good thing, but if it’s a tattoo for just kicks and giggles than she believes that these are the tattoos that are not acceptable and shouldn’t be a permanent representation of one’s self that others or the world sees. I agree with her in on this point because she does have a point. If a tattoo does have a greater meaning connected why even bother getting it.
Next, my mother also made a valid point of infections. She states that people can get life threating diseases that can be fatal. She told me this story, in short, in person got a tattoo and they didn’t check if the place had clean needles and clean work spaces and as a result she end up getting an infection. In the end, she was ok, but she now knows that she will check for cleanliness for her next tattoo.
Ultimately, my mom and I do have very different opinion surrounding this topic, but this is because we have grown up in different generations that have attached negative and positive notions with tattoos. We left this disagreement with a better understand of how we both think, but will with different opinions. How do you feel about this topic? Should those with permanent art on their bodies be punished for self-representation?