Not everyone in America is going to be happy with how high or low taxes are

Not everyone in America is going to be happy with how high or low taxes are.The united states is considered a low-tax country; many people have their own opinion on whether or not taxes should be lowered or raised and how depending on if you are apart of the upper, middle, or lower class which is based on how much you make in a year. In “5 Arguments For and Against 5 Against Tax Cuts” from The Street by Eric Reed focusing only on why taxes should be lowered. This article hooks the readers and get people’s attention because most Americans think that taxes should be lowered mainly for middle. In this article Reed also talks about how if we as a whole country lowers or taxes and how it can affect the three different classes. He has the idea of us lowering our taxes but appeals to why it would a good idea, he uses egos, logos, and pathos successfully through this article from The Street.
As the rhetor, Reed in this article appeals to logos through using many statistics which logically makes sense to most of his intended audience and goes about how it will benefit most households trying to persuades the readers on why it is a good idea to lower the tax rates. Through his writing he writes and thinks that it is best for the government to stay out of the way from business investments but should urge and reward them. In the government doing so he states that “This is much of the basis behind the White House’s famous prediction that tax cuts will boost incomes by $4,000 to $9,000 per household.” This statistic engages the audience because it is stating that if the government were to do this then most households could earn thousands of more dollars a year which can help support many families.
He is able to make simple statements that can be supported by simple statistics that support his argument. The use of the authors statistics and facts can help his use of logos appeal to the audience. In reason two for why taxes should be lowered Reed also has a counter argument that states “Although any company could today take out a loan or spend some of its own capital launching a new product or opening a new branch,…” but supports it with why it is not a good idea for companies to do such action in saying that “…. every venture comes with a certain degree of risk….. By raising the reward through lower taxes, Congress hopes to influence that calculation.”
Along with logos comes ethos, ethos is an appeal on how much the rhetor is credible to his or her audience because it is supposed to connect with them on how the message should be perceived as in the article. He effectively uses ethos in the sense that he has information and facts from other articles within his own that helps support his idea of taxes being lowered. One article Reed uses is “Things You Should Know About Republican Tax Reform” in the “Taxes will help prod that process along.” section of the article when he states that “why wages aren’t rising as much as they should in response to a near-historically tight labor market….but proponents of the current tax cuts argue that reducing high-end taxes.” This is in fact a strong point that he provided in this article because it explains tax cuts can do to help a regular middle class families. He also used “Tax Reform Clearly Has Everyone Psyched: Market Recon” to support his second claim in saying that “This creates a corresponding incentive, then, for companies to create more business ventures. Companies will expand elastically in response to new profits.” In doing such thing Reed helps his article to be another strong credible source for the argument he is making.
Before stating such other articles “5 Arguments For and Against 5 Against Tax Cuts” is just another article to the audience. They would not really think about this article as something special but because he includes sources that are credible people are more likely to take the side the argument trying to be proved correct because of suche sources. After the reader or audience notices such, of the rhetor being credible, they are more likely to read the article all the way through especially if they agree with the topic or argument. The rhetor of this articles most likely going to have a good sized audience that he needs to relate to to deem himself credible int this article because it is such a big topic in american society today.
Lastly pathos with ethos and logos is a necessity in writing a piece such as this article “5 Arguments For and Against 5 Against Tax Cuts”. Reed as the rhetor does use pathos but not in a straightforward sense that most people would think of such as personal experiences or art or things in such sort for people. He states facts which can make people feel happy or sad about the cut on taxes. A case in point would be again when he says “As a close second, the government should encourage and reward that investment as aggressively as reasonably possible. This is much of the basis behind the White House’s famous prediction that tax cuts will boost incomes by $4,000 to $9,000 per household.” Which this will more than likely make most people from his intended audience feel happy because this means that they will have more money which can help the family income by an extensive amount of money. In the families earning more this can mean they can put their children in after school activities such as sports or even helping out other friends or extended family members therefore this can make them happy and making the parents or guardians feel like they are successfully supporting their family.
Without using pathos in this article or any other such rhetorical piece