National SecurityJason C Schwenk American Military University National Security National security in the United States is a major concern for Americans and those who stand to protect the country

National SecurityJason C Schwenk
American Military University

National Security
National security in the United States is a major concern for Americans and those who stand to protect the country. Everyday TV news station and social media are swarmed with stories of acts of terrorism. This not only creates an emotion of sadness and fear, but also one of anger as citizens question the government on how they will try and protect America from these terrorists.
Previously held by economy, national security and foreign policy stand as the number one issue for Americans, rating at 32%. As defense and international affairs take the spotlight, politicians are facing their attention to foreign hotspots that are escalating quickly, such as tensions with North Korea and conflict in Iran. Polls show that men and Democrats are showing the most concern over this subject (Struyk, 2017).

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One of the hottest debate topics on national security is President Trump’s travel ban. The Trump administration has faced its fair share of mixed reviews regarding the restricted travel of foreigners from certain countries. Multiple halts in this plan has caused for repeals and rewrites of the ban. The most recent revision of the travel ban would restrict travelers from Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Chad, and Venezuela. Trump showed his support of the ban in a White House statement saying, “My highest obligation is to ensure the safety and security of the American people, and in issuing this new travel order, I am fulfilling that sacred obligation”, and that by enhancing vetting processes can help detect attempted entry to the United States by possible public-safety threats (Jarrett, 2017). Travelers from foreign nations such as Syria and Libya, have been banned entry by an executive order, but if they have a relative relationship with someone or entity in the United States they may be granted entry on a “condition based” restriction.

Not everyone has reacted well to Trump’s recent travel ban. Some have even considered the restriction of travelers from some of these nations, particularly those of Muslim majority, “unconstitutional” and a complete opposite of the morals and principals that America was built on. A decision from a U.S. District judge blocked the latest travel ban from going into effect. Derrick K. Watson of Hawaii states that the presented travel ban from the Trump administration is still highly flawed and is discriminatory by nationality. Although the block is so far only temporary, it creates an obstacle for the White House who says that Watson is trying to undermine the President’s efforts to keep Americans safe (Zapotosky, 2017).

Despite the conflict in Congress over national security protocols, new ideas are being presented as possible future solutions. Former CIA director, Michael Hayden, has stated that to create better policy making regarding cybersecurity is with better knowledge of the subject, which he believes the United States does not fully grasp the understanding of digital warfare and makes it difficult to respond to those issues (Longwell, 2017). Other solutions have been proposed by those who believe the threat does not exist to those traveling into America, that the threat is already here. Educating citizens on warning signs and suspicious behavior of threats, as well as building better relationships with law enforcement and the community would be a more successful and long-term solution to decreasing terrorist attacks (Miller, 2017).
National Security in America is far from perfect and faces a difficult road ahead before an agreement is settled on. American citizens and members of congress must remain patient, attentive, and vocal their opinions and suggestions to come together and create a solution for better safety protocols.

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