Name Siti Norsilawati Binti Aliakbar Student Number T7322096 Address L9 Taman Sejahtera Pelangi 90200 Kinabatangan

Name Siti Norsilawati Binti Aliakbar
Student Number T7322096
Address L9 Taman Sejahtera Pelangi 90200 Kinabatangan, Sabah
Personal Statement
I am a physiotherapy and now working at Kinabatangan Hospital, a district hospital located in Sabah.

As a physiotherapist, I treat people who affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. The purpose of the treatment is to maintain health for people of all ages, helping patients to manage pain and prevent disease or other complications.

My goal as a physiotherapist is to provide health care and advice to the community to remain a healthy and vibrant community regardless of age, race and religion.

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I was inspired to become a physiotherapist when one of my aunties was admitted to ward. Next to my aunt is a stroke patient, were unable to move her body as normal person. From there I learned about physiotherapy, they treated patients by exercising and teaching movements to facilitate patients moving and doing daily activities while in the ward.
Hence, I decided to pursue a career as physiotherapy, because for me the movement of the human body is important in everyday life, limited mobility will cause our lives to be depressing and meaningless.

My first 3 years of my career as a physiotherapist, I have been dealing with patients with a variety of ethnics and ranks. From this experience, I have learned how to communicate effectively and how to deal with the patient’s temperament as well as the patient’s desire to recover from the illness they are facing.

My confidence also increased when the treatment I gave to the patients was effective and they were satisfied with the outcomes.

Throughout my career for 10 years, I have also got a brilliant worker award in 2016, and have also been given several certificates as a brilliant and committed unit leader. This award, adds to my enthusiasm to continue to be committed to my career and to ensure that the services I give to society are the best.

I also have participated in many course and activities that involved the surrounding communities, especially people with disabilities. The experience of participating in health camp in a rural area in Sabah gives me a new motivation to be a better physiotherapist in the future when seeing less fortunate children still eager to continue their daily life despite all the disadvantages. It reinforces my spirit to provide the best service to all the levels of society.

As a physiotherapy in rural hospitals, i also working with multidisciplinary team from the nearest health clinic such as visiting a patient’s home, involved in elderly activities and also giving a health talk in educating the community to stay active and healthy.

When working in multidisciplinary team, exchanging opinions and discussion treatment for patient care, information and the treatment methods must be relevant and valid also practiced based on evidence so that the care given is the best and appropriate to the patient.
These experiences inspired me to further my study and gain more knowledge from this course.

Education Malaysian Certificate of Education, Diploma Certificate
University Name Allied Health Science Collage, Sungai Buloh.
Course: Physiotherapy
College/School Name Allied Health Science Collage, Sungai Buloh.
Certificate Titles Diploma in Physiotherapy

School Name Sekolah Menengah Agama Sandakan, Sabah
Educational Qualifications Malaysian Certificate of Education, Diploma Certificate
Career / Work Experience Keningau Hospital from September 2008 until July 2011
Kinabatangan Hospital August 2011 until now.

Hobbies ; Interests My hobbies are reading academic and non-academic books, watching movies, listen to the music and radio, also jogging and play netball.
Reading a bridge of knowledge, reading books regardless of academic or non-academic books can increase my knowledge of a particular field and can give you a brilliant idea when needed at meetings or presentations. Besides, it can increase my confidence while providing health education to patients. Since the medical world always has the newest method in patient care, with a lot of reading it will benefit me no matter in giving care to my patient or my daily life.

watching movies can provide me with inspiration and ideas on how to deal with situations involving interaction with others, as sometimes our lives are as well as in the movies.

Like most people, I also sometimes feel stressed and listening to music is one of the therapies that can make me calm down and can also tear up tiredness and sleepiness.

I also always hear radio deejay in a foreign language. Their eligibility to speak gives me the motivation to learn the language because my career also requires that I can read and speak in foreign languages especially English.

Through my hobbies, I learned to communicate and work together and lead the team when there is a friendly match. Attitude as a leader can also develop as I am also the head of the unit who needs to monitor the subordinates and ensure that the unit service runs smoothly without any problems.


What do you hope to gain from this Degree?
I hope with my success getting this degree, I can take a step further in my career. I can draw the best care for my patients through the knowledge I gained during my course of doing this degree.

Doing research related to my profession and also wanting to make physiotherapy career high regarded by another profession.